Canis familiaris - Paleolithic Dog

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An exceptionally preserved, fossil Ice Age dog (Canis familiaris) jaw with four teeth from southern Germany. These dogs were domesticated from the wolves by man for hunting and were found around paleolithic hunting encampments. They lived around the mountain caves from central Europe to Russia during the Ice Age. This jaw contains two molars, a premolar and a canine. New find. No repair or restoration. Authenticity guaranteed. You can own a rare and wonderful story piece from the Ice Age! The BEST! 

Name: Canis familiaris    Age: Late Pleistocene     

Location: Rauhenberg, Germany

R582             SIZE: 6-3/8" 


The cave bear also co-existed with the large Dogs (Canis familiaris) which may provided competition for food and habitat. Gray Wolves were domesticated by the man for hunting. This is the beginning of domesticated dogs in this region.  Canis familiaris fossils are found in the same area, but are quite rare.

Name: Canis familiaris   

Age: Late Pleistocene (28,000 - 130,000 years)

Location: Carpathian Mountains, Romania (or other locations)