Lamna rupeliensis                           

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A great large Lamna lateral tooth. Super red color and condition. Site #1.

K916          SIZE: 3/4"

This catalog contains scarce teeth from an extinct Lamnid shark - Lamna rupeliensis. Lamna rupeliensis anterior teeth exhibit long slender crown with no side cusps while the lateral teeth exhibit a wider hooked crown with heavy side cusps and a very distinct notch on both sides of the root which appears that they were interlocked. The preservation of these early Oligocene teeth is outstanding showing exquisite detail. These are exceptional and rare fossil shark teeth from a very unique deposit. These are beautiful flawless or near flawless teeth! Note- this tooth also fits the description of the recently named Isurolamna gracilis. This shark has a very unique dentition with anterior teeth that resemble the Isurus praecusor and lateral teeth like the Lamna rupeliensis. A very difficult to find species. This group has teeth from two localities: Site #1 - Locality one has teeth from the Karagie Formation (Bostankum) from Mangyshlak, W. Kazakhstan. Oligocene (Rupelian - 32 mya). Site #2 - Locality two is from the Kujulus Formation in Ungoza, W. Kazakhstan. Teeth exhibit olive to tan crowns and white roots. Both are very showy. Oligocene (Rupelian - 32 mya). Note - all teeth sizes are slant height unless otherwise noted.