Kitefin Shark - Modern

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A GEM modern Kitefin shark, Dalatias licha. A deep water shark. Lower jaw tooth. Bright white color. Perfect tooth. Authenticity guaranteed. (1 Kitefin tooth available) A very difficult tooth to find.

MK01       SIZE: 1/2"

Note - Adding 12 new modern shark species in July 2022 -> Link to modern Goblin shark teeth

These are excellent examples of a modern Kitefin shark, Dalatias licha. It is a Squaliform shark in the Dalatiidae family.It is a deep water shark found worldwide in tropical and warm-temperature waters on the sea floor  at depths of 660 to 1970 feet. Typical grows to 3-5 feet. The Kitefin shark is the largest known shark that exhibits bioluminesce.