Isurus desori                           

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    A Top Quality, Narrow-tooth Mako shark tooth from So.Carolina. A lateral tooth. High quality enamel. A blue crown and tan root. Excellent color! Sharp cutting edges with no dings. An excellent root with no hydration cracks. Good symmetry. No repair or restoration. An excellent collector's Mako tooth! Authenticity guaranteed. 

    SC362        SIZE: 1-7/16"   

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    This catalog contains exceptional, extra large teeth from the extinct Narrow-toothed Mako shark, Isurus desori. These teeth are noted for their narrow spike-like crowns which are non-serrate and roots with elongate lobes. These are Oligocene age teeth from the Chlandler Bridge Fm. Note - These teeth are much larger (longer and wider) than the Isurus oxyrinchus found in the Miocene and Pliocene. Isurus desori is most likely the ancestor of Isurus oxyrinchus.