Isurus desori                            

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    A QUALITY, Isurus desori tooth, a Shortfin Mako, from the Meherrin River, No. Carolina. Upper jaw anterior tooth. Excellent copper red color with exceptional gloss. The root shows very nice detailAbsolutely great preservation and condition - extra sharp edges and tip - very clean. Authenticity guaranteed.  Exceptional color!   

    NC349         SIZE: 1-1/2"

    Note - Adding 3 NC Red I. desori teeth in July 2020.    Link to NC Red I. desori teeth.

    Gorgeous copper red colored teeth found in Hertford County in NE North Carolina. Please note that these Isurus desori  teeth are noted for their unique copper red color and excellent preservation. This color is rarely seen  -  adding to the value of these Makos. All teeth listed are near museum quality or better. Absolutely NO restoration or repair in this group! Try finding one of these species with the rare copper red colors!

    NC Red Site Mako shark teeth – The Meherrin River site includes an excellent assortment of Miocene – Pliocene Mako shark teeth including the Shortfin Mako teeth (I. desori and I. oxyrhinchus), Longfin Mako teeth (I. retroflexus), and Isurus hastalis, the Great White shark precursor.

    Shortfin Mako - Isurus oxyrinchus, the extant Shortfin Mako, the descended from Isurus praecursor (late Eocene) and Isurus desori (Oligocene- Miocene).

    Isurus praecursor --> Isurus desori --> Isurus oxyrinchus