Hypotodus verticalis                       

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Top Quality Hypotodus verticalis tooth from Kazakhstan.  Lower jaw anteral position. Incredible color and condition. Near perfect tooth. One of the finest localities for Eocene age shark teeth!

K1209                SIZE: 7/8"

Note - Ten new Hypotodus teeth added in October 2017.         Hypotodus Catalog Link

These are very difficult to find middle Eocene teeth (lower Bartonian - 40 mya) from Kert, W. Kazakhstan. These teeth exhibit long smooth crown with well defined, very sharp side cusps (spike-like) that tend to curve towards the crown. The preservation of these middle Eocene teeth is outstanding showing exquisite detail. This is a very difficult species to find.   Another excellent selection ever from my old inventory! I have not seen a new supply for 10+ years.  Note - all teeth sizes are slant height unless otherwise noted.

Note - Ten new Hypotodus teeth added in October 2017.