Hexanchus collinsonae - Muddy Creek

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An ultra rare, Top Quality Hexanchus collinsonae tooth, a Sixgill Cow shark, from the Muddy Creek / Fisher - Sullivan site, Virginia. A June Fossil of the Month.  A lower jaw symphyseal tooth (female species) with 8 primary cusps. Exceptional color and preservation. This is an Early Eocene (Ypresian) age, Nanjemoy Formation tooth. A special collector's rare Cow shark tooth. Authenticity guaranteed. 

MC951         Size: 1/4"

Note adding 15 Muddy Creek Cow shark teeth in June 2022.  --> Link to Muddy Creek Cow Shark teeth

Hexanchus collinsonae is a rare early Eocene Cow shark tooth from the famous Muddy Creek / Fisher - Sullivan site.   

Buried Treasure Fossils offers wonderfully preserved early Eocene shark teeth were found in exposures along a creek bed (Muddy Creek / Fisher - Sullivan site) in northeastern Virginia. The site provides an exceptional snapshoot in time about 54 million years ago with an early Eocene sea full of shark, ray, fish, and other fossils. These teeth were found in the Bed B Potapaco Member of the Nanjemoy Formation. Note these teeth exhibit exceptional preservation and condition. Great collector's teeth. The state published a great reference book on this site: Weems.R.E. and Grimsley, G.J., "Early Eocene Vertebrates and Plants from the Fisher / Sullivan Site (Nanjemoy Formation) Stafford County, Virginia", Virginia Division of Mineral Resource, Pub. 152. Authenticity guaranteed. Have a look.

Note - The Muddy Creek / Fisher - Sullivan site was once a collector's paradise for those who had access. Now it is lost forever as the collecting area is buried under a new housing development. There has been no exposure of the fossil bed since the mid-2000s. Another famous collecting site "bites the dust." But there is limited material available to you from old collections.