Heterodontus sp.                   

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A rare EXTRA LARGE, Top Quality Heterodontus dorsal spine - the Horn shark from the Sharktooth Hill area, near Bakersfield, California. This big spine specimen is still attached to its original Round Mountain silt matrix with a 2-1/4" whale ear bone. These Heterodontus spines only occasionally fossilize and they are quite rare. A great defensive weapon for the Horn shark! No repair or restoration. Authenticity guaranteed. The Sharktooth deposits produce the largest and best fossil Horn shark spines. This huge spine makes a fantastic Sharktooth Hill display piece!

ST119        SIZE: 3-1/4"

Note - Adding 4 Heterodontus dorsal spines in February 2022.  Link to Heterodontus fossils

Note - Adding 12 Sharktooth Hill display pieces in Feb. 2022.    Link to STH Display Items


This catalog contains other difficult to find shark and ray species of the Temblor Fm. of the Sharktooth Hill area  (mid Miocene -  15 million years old). Sharktooth Hill produces gorgeous and well preserved shark teeth. These teeth have excellent preservation and are great collector's teeth. New material from the Bob Ernst estate saleHave a look at this rare offering from the Bob Ernst collection. It is very unlikely that you have a Heterodontus fin in your Sharktooth Hill collection! These are some of late Bob Ernst's best!