Dolphin - Chile

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A TOP QUALITY, LARGE Dolphin tooth from the Bahia Iglesa Fm. of central Chile. Gorgeous color and preservation. Complete tooth. Species #2 - Conical crown with broad pinched root. Perfect tooth. Authenticity guaranteed.

C905        Size: 1-1/8"

Note - Adding 18 Dolphin teeth / ear bones in March 2020.  Link -> Chilean Dolphin fossils

This catalog contains very colorful and well preserved late Miocene / early Pliocene dolphin teeth. (Approx. 7 million years ago). There appears to be five species of Dolphin present in the Bahia Iglesa Fm.  Note - This is an incredible group of museum quality teeth and ear bones. Best selection of color and species - anywhere!

Note - An incredible group of perfect Dolphin teeth from my old inventory. You may never see a group of top quality Chilean Dolphin teeth again!