Desmostylus herperus                           

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A very rare Desmostylus tusk from the Sharktooth Hill area, near Bakersfield, California. The surface is incredibly preserved. A complete tusk Excellent preservation and gorgeous color. No repair or restoration. Authenticity guaranteed. Museum Quality specimen! The Desmostylus  are considered Megalodon food along with the whales. 


ST1044           SIZE: 2-3/4" H  (1-3/16" W)

This catalog contains teeth from a rare Hippo-like mammal - Desmostylus herperus. The Sharktooth Hill site produces exceptionally large and very rare Desmostylus teeth with a wonderfully preserved, enameled crown and a heavy root. The Sharktooth Hill site produces very few, but exceptional Desmostylus teeth. We are offering some the largest and highest quality teeth from this rare giant Hippo-like mammal. Have a look at this rare offering from the Bob Ernst collection. It is very unlikely that you have a Desmostylus in your Sharktooth Hill collection. These are some of Bob Ernst's best!