Ceretarges sp.

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    A high quality, rare spiny Ceretarges trilobite. It is beautifully prepared to fully exposed the long & free standing spines and large elongated eye appendages. The Devonian trilobites from Jebel Issoumour deposits are world renowned for their incredible preservation and beauty. A rare species. An incredible museum quality specimen at an affordable price. One of my favorite species! Authenticity guaranteed.

    XM01        Size: 1-3/8"

    A beautifully prepared rare Moroccan trilobite. A very ornate design with long spines and elongated eye appendages! A rare species!

    Name: Ceretarges sp.  Family: Lichidae

    Age: Middle Devonian (395 mya), Hamar L'Aghdad Limestone

    Location: Djebel Issoumour area , Atlas Mts., Morocco

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    Size1-3/8" x 1" W
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