Carcharocles chubutensis    

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A HIGH QUALITY copper red colored Chubutensis tooth from the Meherrin River red site, No. Carolina. Rare copper red colors!  The bourlette is complete. The serrations are sharp with small feeding damage at tip. Root has some damage. Excellent color! A rare collector's tooth! Authenticity guaranteed.

NC053        SIZE: 2-11/16"

Note - Adding 10 NC red site Chubutensis teeth in June 2020.  Link to NC Chubutensis teeth.

This catalog contains exceptional copper red colored teeth from Carcharocles (Otodus) chubutensis, the predecessor of the Megalodon.These teeth are from the early Miocene Pungo River Fm. (like the Lee Creek site), but are found in the northern part of the state known for the copper red colored teeth. These copper red colored teeth are quite rare and very difficult to find which adds to their rarity.  All teeth listed are high quality or better. NO restoration or repair in this group! One of the rarest Chubutensis teeth to have in your collection and my supply is very limited! Excellent selection. Try finding a Chubutensis tooth with the rare copper red colors!