Carcharocles auriculatus

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A very rare, EXTRA LARGE Auriculatus lateral tooth from Peru with a tan crown and brown root. The serrations are very nice -  large and razor sharp. Excellent side cusp development. Excellent preservation. The only challenge with this tooth is a root break was repaired. These Peruvian Rics are very rare! You cannot find them any more. Authenticity guaranteed.

P074              SIZE: 3-1/8"

Note - Adding 12 new Peruvian Auriculatus teeth in February 2018    Link to Peru Auriculatus teeth

This catalog contains excellent teeth from an early Giant White shark - Carcharocles auriculatus, which lived in the mid- to late Eocene period. The remote areas around Ica and Ocucate, Peru have produced exceptional C. auriculatus teeth. Eocene age. These remote desert locations are very difficult to get to and very difficult to dig, but they produce exceptional Auriculatus teeth. Unfortunately, the number of teeth produced is very small. This is the first time that I have had this rare offering!  

Note - the Peruvian Aurics are removed from a hard matrix in the field (desert). Essentially none of them survive without some breakage. The key is finding one with a clean crack, neatly put back together, and looks like an unrepaired tooth. Unfortunately,  the vast majority of these teeth are grossly damaged and full of putty filler (I refuse to buy those teeth). If you want to own a very rare Peruvian Auriculatus tooth, this is the top quality available - guaranteed! The Peruvian Auriculatus teeth are very difficult to locate!