Carcharhinus leucus : Mexico

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A Top Quality Carcharhinus leucas, the Bull shark, tooth from Baja, Mexico. Highest quality enamel. An excellent tan & white colored crown with a tan root. Good color! Sharp serrations. Lower jaw tooth. A Baja collector's Bull shark tooth. No repair or restoration. This is a Pliocene tooth from Gloria Fm. Authenticity guaranteed. A fantastic collector's tooth from a rare locality.  

MX237        SIZE: 15/16"

Posting 19 species (68 rare shark teeth) from Baja, Mexico.   Link to Mexican shark teeth -> Mexico shark teeth

This catalog contains very nice specimens from the Bull shark, Carcharhinus leucas. Carcharhinus leucas is a species of shark that inhabits salt and fresh rate waters worldwide. Grows to 8 feet in length. The Bone Valley Carcharhinus leucas teeth are Miocene age (10-15 million years ago). These colorful teeth are highly sought after by collectors. These teeth are from a very old collection of rare Baja, Mexico shark teeth.