Hoploscaphites nicolleti

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A Large, polished Hoploscaphites nicolleti ammonite which brings out the brilliant flashes of red from the aragonite shell material (produces an "opal-like sheen!"). The entire ammonites surface flashs red as your rotate the it (Sorry, it is difficult to capture in a photo.) This ammonite is from the upper Cretaceous, Fox Hills Fm. of So. Dakota. Authenticity guaranteed. A wonderful display piece.

SD10        Size: 3-7/8"

Note - Adding 10 So. Dakota ammonites in December 2020.  -->  Link to So. Dakota Ammonites

A polished Hoploscaphites nicolleti ammonite to bring out the brilliant flashes of red in the shell material ("opal-like sheen!"). The rock is a beautiful agate like material. A gorgeous display item! Note - it is difficult to pick up all of the color in the photos.

Name: Hoploscaphites nicolleti

Age:  Upper Cretaceous - Maestrichian (70 MMYA)

Formation: Fox Hills Fm. (Trail City Member)

Location: Dewey Co., So. Dakota