Hoploscaphites brevis

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A natural Hoploscaphites brevis ammonite with great preservation of the shell material. The ammonite shell exhibits natural iridesence. Note - the shell material is also present at the shell opening. This ammonite is from the upper Cretaceous, Pierre Shale Fm. of So. Dakota. Authenticity guaranteed. A wonderful display piece.

SD09        Size: 2-1/4"

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A Hoploscaphites brevis ammonite from the Pierre Shale Fm., So Dakota. Great preservation of the shell material. A gorgeous display item! 

Name: Hoploscaphites brevis

Age:  Upper Cretaceous - Champian - Maestrichian (75 MMYA)

Formation: Pierre Shale Fm. 

Location: Pennington, So. Dakota