Quenstedticeras lamberti

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A LARGE, TOP QUALITY Quenstedticeras lamberti ammonite from the Saratov region of Russia. Incredible pyrite replaced ammonite with a crystal lined interior. Excellent pyrite crystals!  Middle Jurassic age. Maximum size! Authenticity guaranteed. Note - supply of these pyrite ammonites stopped in 2011. This is the last of my inventory.

XR201      Size: 2-3/16"

Adding 8 pyritized Ammonites in November 2022.    Link to Pyritized ammonites.

A nice Jurassic ammonite specimen from Russia. Incredible iridescent copper red fossilized exterior. 

Name: Quenstedticeras lamberti

Age: Middle Jurassic - J2V3

Location: Saratov region, Russia