Kosmoceras - Quenstedticeras lamberti

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A TOP QUALITY Kosmoceras sp. and Quenstedticeras lamberti ammonites on matrix from the Saratov region of Russia. Incredible pyrite replaced ammonites. The natural shell exterior is incredily preserved and reflects an iridescent red color. Middle Jurassic age. Authenticity guaranteed. Note - supply of these pyrite ammonites stopped in 2010.  A very showy display piece. Note - specimens are remounted on their natural matrix. A fantastic gift piece!

AM01       Specimen size:  2-5/8" &  1-1/4"    Display size:  5-3/4" x  4"

Adding an 11 piece ammonite collection in November 2023.       Link to Other Ammonites.

An incredible sliced and polished ammonite showing the intricate internal chamber structure. The rock is a beautiful agate like material with crystal lined cavities! Exceptional color. Exterior may some iridescent red flash. A gorgeous display item!

Name: Cleoniceras sp.

Age: Mid Cretaceous (Albian stage) 110 mya

Location: Majanga, Madagascar