Allosaurus & Camarasaurus toe bones

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A very rare Top Quality, Allosaurus & Camarasaurus toe bone from the Morrison Fm. These toe bones are complete, and they reside on an Allosaurus  vertebra neural section as originally found. The Allosaurus toe bone is 2-1/2" and the Camarasaurus toe bone measures 2-3/8" in length. High quality bone. Rich brown color. Very good overall condition with minor bone erosion. Normal crack fill. No restoration. Allosaurus was the apex predator during the late Jurassic and Camarasaurus was a medium-sized sauropod. Legally collected on private land in the Morrison Fm., Emery Co., Utah. Authenticity guaranteed. Total display size is 5" x 5". A classic predator and prey display, and a very special collector's specimen!

DL32         Allosaurus Toe Size: 2-1/2"  (1-3/8" wide)  Camarasaurus Toe Size: 2-3/8" (3-1/4" wide)

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Allosaurus fragilis or "different lizard" was the infamous apex predator of the late Jurassic period. This monster reached lengths of approximately 30 feet and reached weights approaching 3500 pounds. Their teeth were serrated and were used to dine on Stegosaurus, Diplodicus, etc. A must have item for dinosaur collectors. Fossil remains in teeth, bones, and claws. All of which are very rare and extremely difficult to locate. These top quality specimens were all legally collected from private lands in the northwestern US. Late Cretaceous, Morrison Fm., 155-145 MYA. Authenticity guaranteed. 

This Jurassic predator is much older than the T. rex. The Tyrannosaurus rex is much closer in age to man than to the Allosaurus.