About Buried Treasure Fossils

My passion for hunting and collecting fossils started when I was teenager with frequent family trips around the east coast. After getting an earth science related degree, I worked on the west coast and internationally and further expanded my collection and love for fossils. However, I soon found that I had limited time to hunt and limited access to find top quality fossils. So I started to reach out to commercial fossil sources / suppliers and was able to find the finest examples of fossil shark teeth, dinosaur fossils, etc. from around the world. In 2000, I decided to share my passion of finding the best available fossils and I launched BuriedTreasureFossils.com. My website has grown since 2000, and so has my passion for finding and offering the best available fossils to you. Whether your a seasoned collector, investor, new collector, or buying a special gift, you will find a wide selection of incredible fossils to choose from. Please ask us questions, enjoy our catalogs, and build your collection of the best of our prehistoric past.

Gary Greaser - Owner

Do you have a request or questions?  Please contact as at btfossils@cs.com.