Otodus chubutensis

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A TOP QUALITY, Lee Creek Carcharocles chubutensis, a C. megalodon predecessor, from Aurora, No. Carolina. This tooth was found in the Pungo River Formation (middle Miocene age). Note the crown exhibits large cusplike bumps at the base of the serrated edge and the root ends also show grooves where the teeth interlocked. These are characteristic traits of the Lee Creek early Meg - C. chubutensis. A classic tan colored crown with a brown bourlette. Great serrations. The root is tan colored with a typical hydration crack. Highest quality enamel! Fantastic color! No repair or restoration. Authenticity guaranteed. A unique Lee Creek color combination!

LC009       Size: 2-11/16"  

Note - Adding 6 new Lee Creek Chubutensis teeth in January 2022.    Link to LC Megaodon teeth.