Carcharocles auriculatus - So. Carolina

SC402 B0P
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An Extra Large, GEM Harleyville Auriculatus tooth.  An excellent upper jaw lateral tooth. A November Fossil of the Month. Gorgeous tan crown with a brown colored bourlette, and tan root. Highest quality enamel. Incredible color & preservation. The serrations are large and razor sharp with a big tip serration. The root is complete with excellent preservation on the display side. It is very hard to find these teeth in perfect condition. Just about a perfect tooth... An incredible collector's Harleyville Auriculatus toothwith fantastic eye appeal! Authenticity guaranteed.

SC402  BoP                 SIZE: 3-11/16"

Note - Adding 20 Harleyville Auriculatus teeth in November 2019.     Link to the Harleyville Auriculatus teeth.