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A LARGE, VERY RARE, Top Quality, partially rooted Leptoceratops gracilis tooth from the late Cretaceous of western North America. Leptoceratops is a smaller "ceratopsian" dinosaur found in the Hell Creek and Lance formations. There small size and small horns made them relatively easy prey and their population size was quite small compared to other herbivores. The enamel is high quality with nice color and patina. The chewing surface is well preserved with no wear facet. Leptoceratops commonly have wear facets on their teeth.  No cracks. No restoration. Legally collected on private land in the Hell Creek Fm., Custer Co., Montana. Note - this tooth comes with a Riker display frame. Authenticity guaranteed. An excellent partially rooted Leptoceratops tooth! 

DQ04         SIZE: 3/4"         

Note - Adding 10 rare Leptoceratops teeth in May 2023.       Link to Ceratopian fossils catalog