Triceratops Metatarsal

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A Top Quality, Triceratops horridus toe bone (metatarsal) from the late Cretaceous of northern North America. Triceratops was a large ceratopsian dinosaur found in the Hell Creek and Lance Creek formations which is know for three horns and the large frill protecting its neck. This is a great toe bone with excellent detail preserved and good color / patina. This is the metatarsal III bone. You can see the "mushroom" appearance of proximal ends which is a characteristic of Triceratops and distinguishes it from a Hadrosaur toe bone. Triceratops bones are more difficult to find. There is is a small amount of restoration on the lower condyle and normal crack fill. Legally collected on private land in Garfield Co., Montana. Authenticity guaranteed. This is a heavy bone (~4 lbs shipping weight). An international shipping supplement may apply.

DC34         SIZE: 9-1/8" long x 5-1/8" width

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