Otodus megalodon Indonesia

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"The Best of West Java".  An ultra rare EXTRA LARGE, TOP QUALITY 6-1/16" Megalodon - upper jaw tooth from West Java, Indonesia. A January Fossil of the Month. This Megalodon has an excellent tan & light red-brown and tan & brown bourlette color. The back of the crown has incredible color patterning. Highest quality enamel. Exceptional color! The bourlette is large and 98% complete. The serrations are razor sharp and complete with an excellent "needle-like" tip serration. Note the two large cutting edge waves at the base of the crown. Incredible serrations for a BIG Meg. The root is exceptionally wide (5-1/8" ) with a light brown color and complete with essentially no pitting. A Miocene Age tooth. No repair or restoration. A 100% natural tooth. Authenticity Guaranteed. An incedible colorful BIG Meg collector's tooth. Top quality 6" West Java teeth and excellent roots are very rare. This is a BIG, WIDE, and COLORFUL tooth!

IN102        Size: 6-1/16"   (5-1/8" W)

Note - Adding 3+ Indonesian Megalodon Teeth in January 2023. -> Link To Indonesian Megs