Woolly Mammoth Hair

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Real Woolly Mammoth hairMammuthus primigeniusfrom Siberia. The hair comes in a 3”  x 4" zip lock bag. This is your opportunity to own a Woolly Mammoth hair sample from the Ice Age. Authenticity guaranteed.

R539         Size:  Hair Sample in a  3”  x 4" zip lock bag

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A beautifully perserved Mammoth tusk from an extinct elephant ancestor with long, curved tusks from the Ice Age. Note - Skeleton photo by Wolfman SF.
The Woolly Mammoth is an extinct species of mammoth that lived during the Ice Age. The woolly mammoth was similar in size to the modern African Elephant. Male Woolly Mammoth could approach 7000 lbs while the female would approach 5000 lbs. in weight. The Woolly Mammoth are known for their large curved tusks. Their tusks were used for manipulating objects, fighting, and foraging.