Richardoestesia isosceles

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A Top Quality Richardoestesia isosceles tooth from Montana. A theropod from the Troodonidae family. These teeth are straight, flat, and possess ultra-fine serrations that run the length of the crown and may be related to Paronychodon (see below). Note - Typical serrrated edge shown. Wear facet on tip. No cracks. No repair or restoration. Legally collected on private land in the Hell Creek Fm., Powder River Co., Montana. Authenticity guaranteed. 

DF04       Size: 9/16"

Note - Adding 7 new Richardoestesia teeth in August 2022      Link to Richardoestesia catalog.

Richardoestesia isosceles was a theropod dinosaur genus, and thought to be in the Troodonidae family.  This a late Cretaceous dinosaur that lived from the Campanian to Maastrichian (70 to 66 MYA). So, they were present in the Judith River and Hell Creek Fm. Teeth have been found, but not much else to describe this theropod. Note - Richardoestesia teeth are typically found with Paronychodon teeth and they may be related much like the recent Sauronitholestes & Zapsalis teeth description (where Zapsalis in the Judith River Fm. is now described as the Sauronitholestes premaxillary tooth).