Psychopyge termierorum

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A beautifully prepared Psychopyge termierorum trilobite, the long snout Psychopyge. Large size. A very ornate design with thorax spines and nice compound eyes! Excellent shell and spine preservation. A very rare species! A Middle Devonian (395 mya) trilobite from the Oufaten area, Atlas Mts., Morocco. Authenticity guaranteed.

XM41          Size: 3"

A beautifully prepared Moroccan trilobite. A very ornate design with extra large compound eyes! Smaller, but excellent quality. A very rare species!

Name: Psychopyge termierorum      Order: Phacopida

Age: Middle Devonian (395 mya), Hamar L'Aghdad Limestone

Location: Oufaten, Atlas Mts., Morocco

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