Erbenochile issoumourensis

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Our September FOTM selection - an incredibly prepared Erbenochile issoumourensis trilobite, the "Big Eyes" trilobite. A very ornate design with thorax spines and incredible "tower" compound eyes! The massive eyes provided 360 degree visual coverage and allowed this trilobite to see behind itself over the thorax. Excellent shell and spine preservation. Good size. A very rare species! An Early Devonian (410 mya) trilobite from the Foum Zguid area, Atlas Mts., Morocco. Definitely one of my favorites! Authenticity guaranteed.

XM43        Size: 1-1/2" (straight line) ; (2"+ if extended)

A beautifully prepared Moroccan trilobite. A very ornate design with extremely large compound eyes! Excellent quality. A very rare species!

Name: Erbenochile issoumourensis   Order: Phacopida

Age: Lower Devonian (410 mya), Timrhanrhart Formation

Location: Foum Zguid, Atlas Mts., Morocco

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Size1-1/2" (straight line)
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