Turania andrusovi                              

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A pair of lateral Turania teeth. Excellent condition.

K414 (Left)      SIZE: 9/16"

This catalog contains teeth from an extinct Misukurinid shark - Turania andrusovi. T. andrusovi teeth exhibit long slender crown with deep striations (longitudinal grooves) and well defined, very sharp side cusps (spike-like). The preservation of these middle Eocene teeth is outstanding showing exquisite detail. These teeth have been hand selected from a large group to ensure excellent condition, great color, and extra large size. The high gloss and the deep striations of the crown make them difficult to photograph - very showy. These are exceptional fossil shark teeth from a very unique deposit. These are beautiful flawless or near flawless teeth! I have not seen a new supply for 5 years. Another excellent selection ever from my old inventory! Note - all teeth sizes are slant height unless otherwise noted.