Asaphus punctatus

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A beautifully prepared Asaphus punctatus trilobite from Saint Petersburg. A very nice three lobe design. Note the raised eyes to see in soft sediment. The high eye stalks were used to find prey and identify predators. An Ordovician (470 mya) trilobite from the Saint Petersburg region, Russia. Exceptional quality and preservation! Authenticity guaranteed.

XR146        Size: 2-1/8"

A beautifully prepared Asaphus trilobite. A very nice three lobe design. Note the elongated eyes. This trilobite developed elongated eyes so it could bury itself below the mud for protection. An interesting evolutionary feature. Exceptional quality and preservation! One of the scarcer species!

Name: Asaphus punctatus

Age: Ordovician (470 mya)

Location: Saint Petersburg region, Russia