Asaphus lepidurus

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    An EXTRA LARGE, beautifully prepared Asaphus lepidurus trilobite from Saint Petersburg. A very nice three lobe design. An Ordovician (470 mya) trilobite from the Saint Petersburg region, Russia. One of the scarcer species. Exceptional quality and preservation! This is a big specimen! Authenticity guaranteed.

    XR153        Size: 3-3/4"  (2-1/16" W)

    Note - Posted two new Russian Triolbites in December 2019 -> Link to Russian Trilobites

    A beautifully prepared Asaphus trilobite. A very nice three lobe design. Exceptional quality and preservation! One of the scarcer species!

    Name: Asaphus lepidurus

    Age: Ordovician (470 mya)

    Location: Saint Petersburg region, Russia