Striatolamia rossica

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A Top Quality, Large anterior Striatolamia tooth from Kazakhstan. Incedible color and  condition. Perfect tooth.

K010 (Right side)      SIZE: 1-7/8"

This catalog contains teeth from an extinct Sand Tiger shark - Striatolamia rossica. Striatolamia rossica appears to be the Russian equivalent to Striatolamia macrota. Striatolamia macrota are known to be rather common shark teeth, but look at the size and preservation of the Kazakh teeth - much larger and better preserved than any other Striatolamia macrota that I have seen - definitely uncommon. The S. rossica anterior teeth exhibit long slender crown with small side cusps while the lateral teeth exhibit a wider hooked crown with heavy side cusps. The preservation of these middle Eocene teeth is outstanding showing exquisite detail. These teeth have been hand selected from a large group to ensure excellent condition, great color (uniform & rich), and extra large size. These are exceptional fossil shark teeth from a very unique deposit - the biggest and best that are available. These are huge and flawless or near flawless teeth! I have not seen a new supply for 5+ years. Another excellent selection ever from my old inventory! Note - all teeth sizes are slant height unless otherwise noted.