Spinosaurus aegyptiacus

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    An EXTRA LARGE, HIGH QUALITY Spinosaurus aegyptiacus tooth from the Kem-Kem region of Morocco. Well preserved with very pronounced grooves running up the crown. One crack. All original. Excellent color. Wide tooth. A well defined tip which is very uncommon for the big Spinosaurus teeth. An excellent quality, big collector's tooth! Check out our selection of top quality Spinosaur teeth! Authenticity guaranteed.

    M1242       Size: 3-1/2"   (1" W)

    Spinosaurus aegyptiacus was giant predator and scavenger with a large, narrow skull containing very stocky, round, spike-like teeth. It possessed a long crocodile-like snout and may have hunted large fish, shark, and other marine mammals or reptiles or even dinosaurs present in Cretaceous north Africa. The Spinosaurus had a huge "back-sail" that was thought to be used to regulate body temperature or possibly assist with swimming.

    The age of these dinosaur teeth are early Late Cretaceous epoch, Albian to upper Turonian stage (112 to 72  million years ago). All of these teeth were found south of Taouz, K'Sar-es-Souk province, Kem-Kem basin region of Morocco. All teeth are museum quality or near museum quality.

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    Size3-1/2" (1" W)
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