Coloborhynchus moroccensis (Extinct Pterosaur)

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    A LARGE, complete Coloborhynchus moroccensis tooth, a Cretaceous pterosaur, from the Kem-Kem deposits of SE Morocco. Nicely articulated. Very well preserved. Anterior tooth. These teeth are early late Cretaceous age (Cenomanian). Pterosaur teeth are rarely available for sale. An exceptional collector's tooth! Authenticity guaranteed.       

    M1275       Size: 1-1/2"

    Coloborhynchus moroccensis was a large Pterosaur with large teeth from the Kem-Kem deposits of SE Morocco. The Pterosaurs are actually cousins to the dinosaur and they reined the air from the Triassic to the end of the Cretaceous extinction as did the dinosaurs. The Pterosaurs were expert gliders with wing spans approaching 40 feet. 

    Coloborhynchus moroccensis is one of two named flying reptiles from Morocco. Coloborhynchus is unique in that it had a keel-shaped crest on the front of its jaws. The Kem-Kem deposit Pterosaur teeth are very well preserved and are exceptional collector's items.

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