Isurus escheri                

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    A GEM, Large Isurus escheri anterior tooth. Gorgeous two-tone blue & tan color. These teeth have excellent ultra-fine serrations along the entire cutting edge. These are the "Blue" teeth which are know for the highest preservation and best color - rarely seen outside of Europe. Includes a a pair of well developed side cusps. A collector's must have Escheri tooth! Note - I attempted to capture the a good serration close up, but it is difficult. Authenticity guaranteed.

    N007      SIZE: 1-5/8"

    This catalog contains exceptional teeth from a very rare and unique Mako shark - Isurus escheri. Isurus escheri is a late Miocene age shark that evolved from Isurus hastalis and added characteristic very fine serrations to the cutting edge. The serrations are much finer than those of the Great White transition teeth that are found in Chile and elsewhere. The Isurus escheri is a dead end lineage that disappeared early in the Pliocene. These teeth were collected in "De Kuilen" sand pit, Mill, The Netherlands. Age is late Miocene (approx. 6-8 million years ago). The teeth from the Mill come in varying quality. I have a small group of exceptional teeth to offer from this rare species that are complete and well preserved. This may be the best offering of Isurus escheri teeth that you will ever see.