Carcharocles auriculatus

K515 BoP
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An ultra rare, Auriculatus upper jaw, parasymphyseal tooth from Kazakhstan. The parasymphyseal is very rare since this tooth is not lost during feeding. There are not many of these teeth in the fossil record. The brown bourlette is incredible - 100% complete! The fine serrations are complete with a killer side cusp. These early Eocene teeth exhibit excellent color, gloss, and preservation. This specimen is for the serious, rare tooth collector! An ultra rare early Auric position tooth! Authenticity guaranteed.

K515 BoP              SIZE: 3/4"

This catalog contains gorgeous teeth from an extinct Otodontid shark - Carcharocles auriculatus, a precursor to the Megalodon. The early Carcharocles auriculatus is fully serrated with very large serrations and highly irregular cusps serrations. This site also produces the early transition tooth, Carcharocles aksuaticus or Otodus aksuaticus, which is a semi-serrated or very finely serrated tooth. This tooth represents the progression from Otodus obliquus to the Auriculatus. These teeth are very rare, early Eocene (Ypresian) in age (approx. 55 mya) from Kzil-Orda region, Kazakhstan (new location). Note - this location has been collected for ~3 summers and it is now exhausted. This may be the last of the material from this site. Some incredibly rare position teeth are posted.