Ptychodus mortoni                   

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    A rare associated set of 15 Ptychodus mortoni teeth - upper jaw from gove Co., Kansas. Nicely articulated crowns. Very good preservation with white mineralization covering most teeth. Set includes: 2 x A1 anteriors, 6 x A2 anteriors, 3 x A3 anteriors, 1 x L1 lateral, 2 x L2 laterals, and 1 x L3 lateral. The primary center tooth was uncovered from the matrix and it is a GEM tooth measuring 1" in width and height. It is valued at $100 by itself. THIS SET IS PRICED AT $50 PER TOOTH with 11 ANTERIOR TEETH! Authenticity guaranteed.

    KS281            SIZE:  A1 (x2)= 1" ; A2 (x3) = 1" - R  ;  A2 (x3) = 15/16" - L;   A3 (x3) = 3/4" - R; L1 (x1)= 11/16" - R; L2 (x2)= 5/8" - L; L3 (x1)= 9/16" - L

    Note - Adding 5 new P. mortoni teeth in April 2020.   Link to Kansas P. mortoni teeth

    This item is a very rare associated set of 15 teeth from a very difficult to locate Ptychodus shark - Ptychodus mortoni, a Hybodotid shark. These teeth were found in the Niobrara Chalk Fm. of Gove County, Kansas .

    This catalog contains exceptional teeth from one of very difficult to locate Ptychodus sharks - Ptychodus anonymus, Ptychodus mortoni, Ptychodus whipplei, etc. which are Hybodotid sharks. These teeth were found in the Smoky Hill Member, Niobrara Chalk Fm. of Gove County and other Kansas locations which was part of the great inland sea area of North America during the Cretaceous (70-90 million years ago). These are beautiful, well preserved teeth. These teeth are high quality - extra nice condition and preservation.