Cardabiodon venator

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    An ultra rare,  EXTRA LARGE, Top Quality Cardabiodon venator tooth from Ellis Co., Kansas. An excellent example of this rare Cretaceous shark. Upper jaw anterior tooth. Authenticity guaranteed. It is very difficult to find these big teeth!

    KS007           SIZE: 1-5/16"

    Note - Adding 15  new  Cretoxyrhina mantelli teeth in April 2020.   Link to Kansas Cretoxyrhina teeth

    This catalog contains exceptional teeth from what is thought to be the earliest ancestor to the Mako and Great White sharks - Cardabiodon venator and Cretoxyrhina mantelli, the Ginsu shark (an early Lamnid shark). The Cretoxyrhina sharks were among the largest predators of their time and therefore ruled the Cretaceous seas. These teeth were found in the Smoky Hill Member, Niobrara Chalk Fm. of Gove and Ness Co., Kansas which was part of the great inland sea area of North America during the Cretaceous (80-90 million years ago). The Cretoxyrhina mantelli makes a great addition to the evolution of the Mako and Great White sharks collection. These teeth are high quality - extra nice condition and preservation. Our biggest and best selection ever of the scarce species!