Fossil Crab

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    A rare fossil crab from Sumatra, Indonesia. This crab was deposited in the Telisa formation - a shallow marine environment during the middle Miocene (approx. 15 million years ago.) A very unique collector's fossil. D202 is the high quality crab. Authenticity guaranteed.

    D202       SIZE: 15/16"

    Note - 4 new Sumatran fossil crabs added in January 2018.     Link to Sumatran teeth.

    An unusal fossil crab from the Miocene of Sumatra, Indonesia. Location would suggest a near shore with mangrove swamps environment.

    This collection represents a rare and very unusual collection of Miocene fossil shark teeth from the island of Sumatra, Indonesia. Few collectors have these teeth and even fewer have had the opportunity to collect this site as I did!