Onchopristis numidus                          

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A GEM Quality, EXTRA LARGE Onchopristis numidus rostal tooth from the Kem Kem area of Morocco. A November Fossil of the Month. Onchopristis was a largefearsome Cretaceous Saw shark, and may have been a meal for Spinosaurus. Excellent red color. No repair or restoration. Authenticity guaranteed. One of my favorite shark teeth. My largest and BEST Onchopristis tooth!

M1021        SIZE: 3-1/8"

Note – Adding 10 new Onchopristis teeth added in November 2021.  ->  Link to Onchopristis Catalog

These are exceptional examples of extinct Onchopristis rostal teeth from the late Cretaceous period. Their rostrum or snout measured up to 8 feet in length and was lined with large barbed rostal teeth. This Saw shark grew to 30 feet in length. The rostal teeth are superb quality specimens - large and beautiful! Our BEST selection ever!