Parotodus benedeni : Georgia

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    A very rare, Top Quality Parotodus benedeni lateral tooth with a massive root from the Camden Co., Georgia. A Miocene age tooth from the Hawthorne Fm. An fantastic BLACK colored tooth! Highest quality enamel with sharp edges and a sharp tip! Root is complete, nicely articulated, and has essentially no hydration crack. No repair or restoration. Authenticity guaranteed. A very difficult tooth to locate from a loction that produces few Parotodus teeth. This is a very old collection piece.

    G151          SIZE: 2-5/8" 

    Note - Adding three rare Georgia Parotodus teeth in August 2021.    Link to Parotodus teeth.

    Excellent teeth from the very rare, extinct False Mako shark, Parotodus benedeni. These teeth exhibit an incredibly massive roots and a heavy crown that is only characteristic to this unique species. Here's your chance to own a rare P. benedeni from Georgia.