Carcharodon carcharias : Modern

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An EXTRA LARGE, Top Quality Great White shark tooth. An upper jaw anterior tooth. Large, perfect serrations with great tip serration. Razor sharp. Snow white color (sorry that the photos are dark!). Incredible detail. Excellent symmetry.  For the person who needs a perfect tooth! Modern GW teeth are very difficult to locate! Authenticity guaranteed. The last GW teeth from my 1980s collection.

MGW01            SIZE: 2-5/16" 

Note - Posted 4 modern Great White shark teeth in July 2022.   Link to Modern Great White shark teeth.

The Great White shark is the modern apex predator of our oceans. They are found in coastal waters of all major oceans. They can grow to 20 feet and 4000 lbs. Two record Great White shark were caught that exceeded 30 feet in length! The only predator known to attack sharks is a pod of Orcas. The Great White shark is also known to attack man resulting in many injuries and death.

The Great White shark evolved from a Mako shark during the late Miocene period. These transitional teeth, Carcharodon hubbelli,  have been found in Peru and Chile. I also have a few of the rare Great White shark transitional teeth for sale.

The Great White shark has been a protected species for more than 10 years, and unfortunately modern teeth can only come from a captured shark. All teeth today have to come from old collections and are extremely difficult to locate. These are incredible examples of a known man killer. Check out the serrations - they are getting larger compared to their fossil ancestors. I added several of my finest, rare collector specimens. Get one while they last!