Carcharocles megalodon      

    M070 BoP
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    The December week #3 Fossil of the Month is an ultra rare, HIGH QUALITY Carcharocles megalodon - upper jaw anterior tooth from Morocco. It has an exceptional tan colored crown with an excellent brown bourlette - 90% complete. High quality enamel with small hydration cracks. Sharp serrations with a rounded tip serration. The root is orange and nicely articulated with essentially no hydration cracks. Note - you rarely see a Moroccan Meg that has a high quality crown, bourlette, root and, serrations - a top 1% tooth from this site! Definitely, one of the finest Moroccan Megalodon teeth that I have seen! A difficult Megalodon tooth to find for a collection. The BEST of the BEST. M070 SIZE: 3-3/16"

    This catalog contains an ultra rare Moroccan Megalodon tooth. One of the most highly sought fossil shark teeth from Morocco - the Extinct Giant White shark, Carcharocles megalodon. These teeth are from the middle Miocene ( ~14 million years ago). A very rare find in Morocco. Few will ever have a Meg from this location! I have seen about 100 of these Meg teeth, and 95% are broken or repaired. There are few top quality Megs coming out. The few that appear to be high quality are typically repaired and the prices are crazy high - buyer beware!