Anzu wyliei

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A rare, Top Quality Anzu wyliei toe (pes) claw from the Hell Creek Fm. of So. Dakota. Anzu is referred to as the "Chicken from Hell". An excellent pes claw. Excellent rich brown color and patina. This specimen has excellent perservation - no pitting, nicks or wear. Note - the very tip was professionally restored which is typical for most Hell Creek claws. A top quality, collector's claw from the Hell Creek of So. Dakota. Note - 2014 Anzu wyliei description paper attached belowCheck out our selection of top quality Anzu wyleii claws! Legally collected on private land in the Hell Creek Fm., Harding Co., So. Dakota. Collected in 2003. Authenticity guaranteed. Museum Quality.  Note - a Riker display frame will be included.

DA05       Size: 1-7/8" (straightline)    

Note - Adding 6 Anzu wyliei claws in February 2022.      Link to Anzu wyliei claws.