Shark Vertebrae                                    

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An EXTRA LARGE, GEM Quality, shark vertabra from the Sharktooth Hill area, near Bakersfield, California. A February Fossil of the Month.Note - Most likely a large Mako shark vertebra and part of an associated pair with ST954. The sides are all clean and fully articulated. The base is the original Round Mountain silt matrix. Excellent preservation and gorgeous color. No repair or restoration. Authenticity guaranteed. A scarce find for Sharktooth Hill, and 2"+ are always very difficult to find. The best Sharktooth Hill vertebra the I have seen. A fantastic display piece!

ST954           SIZE: 2-5/8"   (1-1/4" Height)

Note - Adding 2 XL associated STH shark vertebrae in February 2022.   Link to STH shark vertebta.

Note - Adding 12 Sharktooth Hill display pieces in Feb. 2022.    Link to STH Display Items