Eldredgops (Phacops) rana milleri

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A Devonian sea floor slab with a Eldredgops (Phacops) rana milleri trilobite from the Silica Shale Formation of Ohio. The also three large pyrite replaced Paraspirifer bownockeri brachiopods, three Mucrospirifer mucronatus brachiopods, and other specimens. The Eldredgops has excellent detail on the compound eyes - very well preserved. The quality of the Silica Shale Fm. fossils are incredible. A rare sea floor specimen from the Middle Devonian (380 mya), Silica Shale Fm. from Lucas Co., Ohio. You don't see multi-species slabs for sale. A Museum Quality specimen. One of my favorites!  Note - This item weighs 9 lbs. An international shipping surcharge will be applied to "Free Shipping". Please inquire for cost.

X101      Eldredgops  Size: 1-3/4"   ;    Paraspirifer  Size: 2-1/4" ;      Mucrospirifer Size: 1-1/8"

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