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A Top Quality Miocene-Pliocene Mastodon molar from Tulsa Co., Oklahoma. Excellent color (tan, gold & brown) and detail. Great color! An extinct elephant ancestor that inhabited North America during the late Miocene to late Pliocene. This molar is a gorgeous with natural cusp wear. Excellent articulation. An excellent root. This is an exceptionally well fossilized Mastodon specimen. Weighs 2.75 bs. No damage. No restoration or repair. An exceptional, color collector's Mastodon tooth. Authenticity guaranteed. Note: international shipping cost will be calculated. Please request quote.

X610    Size (specimen): 4-1/8" Length  x   3-1/2" Height  

Name: Mastodon    

Age: Miocene - Pliocene    

Location: Sand Springs, Tulsa Co., Oklahoma

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