Woolly Mammoth Jaw

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A GEM Quality Woolly Mammoth (Mammuthus primigenius), an early elephant molar found in the Darmstadt, Germany. A November Fossil of the Month. Mammoths were present in this area during the Late Pleistocene Ice Age. Fantastic natural color! An excellent molar with a nicely articulated chewing surface. The molar chewing surface is 7" in length. A complete root with a fantastic articulation. Completely fossilized. Weighs 8 lbs. with stand. No repair or restoration. Authenticity guaranteed. An excellent collectors specimen and a very attractive display piece A perfect, incredibly articulated molar tooth.    Note: international shipping cost will be calculated. Please request quote.

X623           Jaw Size: 7" L  x  7.5" H   ;  9" Height with stand

Note - Posting 3 Woolly Mammoth teeth in November 2021.   Link to Mammoth fossils.