Burmeisterella aff. armata

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A HUGE, ultra rare trilobite from the Devonian of Morocco. This is a good commercial quality Burmeisterella aff. armata trilobite. Unfortunately, only sections of this trilobite are found at any time. So, these trilobites are assembled from pieces - a commercial quality restruction of this incredible trilobite. Commercial specimens will have some damage and some repair & restoration, but they can be offered at a relatively low price. If a complete or near complete Burmeisterella sp. trilobite was found is would be valued at many $1000s.  Note - Specimen weighs 19 pounds and an international shipping charge will be applied. This is an opportunity to own an incredibly rare BIG trilobite. A fantastic display piece.

XM50       Size: 12"  x   5-3/4" Wide  x  1-1/2"+ Height

Adding 11 quality Moroccan trilobites in October 2021.      Link to Moroccan trilobites.